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Sword And Sandals 3 Solo Ultratus


About the game

The third part of this exciting and challenging, combat fighting game is finally here! As in previous part of this game at the beginning of the game the first thing you need to do is to create your gladiator. Set his, weight, height, body shape and more. When you are done, the battle can begin. The aim of the game is to defeat all the arena champions in order to become the best. Came in first place in the fighting in the arena! Every next champion will be harder to defeat than the previous. Because of that you have to give your best in order to beat every champion in the arena. Combat is turn-based game which means that you have the right to make one move each round, so choose wisely each of your next move and beat your opponent in the arena. You can buy a variety of swords, axes and armor that will protect you from hit and punch.

How to play

Create your hero, adjust skin color, hairstyle, stubble, use the skill points and choose wisely. Once you was having name and you was having freedom now you are slave and in order to return your name and your freedom you need to fight a lot of other gladiators in order to become best and to earn your freedom again! Show that you need what it takes for this challenging epic gladiator game and be the best!

We wish you a lot of fun in this challenging Sword and sandals 3 game!

  • Instructions:
  • Use mouse to play.


New chapter of this game, new challenging, new gladiators to fight with, new arena and much much more awaits you in this awesome epic game! Your goal is the same, create your hero, choose abilities for your hero and skills and start this adventure, buy your gladiator armor, shield and weapons in order to become stronger, better, faster and in that way you will beat your opponent easy. We wish you good luck and even better fun.