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Sword and Magic


Fans of RPG games this is the right game for you!
Your task in this game is the following, kill enemies of various kinds, dragons, monsters, lions, wizards,
and many others, collect gold and items you find on your way, use the items to strengthen your
hero to be a better, stronger and powerful.
On your way you will find a lot of items, each item has its own specialty,
some gives you some armor, some damage, some more mana, some increase your energy …
Use spell and strategy to defeat enemies, collect gold and win the fights!
Go in this wonderful adventure and show how good you are in the RPG game!.
Play with and against people all around the world and compete with each other.
You can beat other players in the arena to become champion of sword & magic.
You can rise up your level and the level of your pet.
Fantastic graphics, animation and catchy music in the background will blow your mind.
The game is suitable for all ages, especially for fans of spelling games.
Have a wonderful adventure!

Use mouse to play.