DEXY Plays 144



Welcome to Spellblocker!
Your goal is to defend New York from rain spells.
To do this you need to accurately block Spell, for each successful block
you get a certain number of points, miss less and you get more points.
Every next level is harder than the previous one.
Your task in this spell game is to block spells, which are raining down on New York.
When you block a spell, simply place a corresponding coloured Plasma bolt in it’s path.
A blue spell will be blocked by blue plasma bolt, a yellow by a yellow plasma bolt and so on.
When you have selected your color, move your cursor to a place in the sky that you think will
block spell.Great graphics, animation and catchy music in the background will delight you.
The game is suitable for all ages, especially for fans of spelling games.
We wish you good luck in saving the New York and good fun!

Use mouse-Select Bolt Color & Unleash Option
1 – Blue 2 – Red 3 – Yellow 4 – White
Mouse-Click – Unleash Plasma Bolt Block the enemy’s spells
Click on a color, or press 1– 4 to create a plasma bolt of that color.
Then click on the screen where you want your plasma bolt to intercept the enemy attack!