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Maze Missle Game


Get ready for the biggest nightmare of all time, because this maze game is definitely of its kind, because it is extremely difficult and requires enormous persistence in order to win this game.
The aim of this scary maze game is to win all four level without having to touch the wall, because if you touch the wall it’s game over for you, remember, the walls are your enemies in this scary maze game, avoid them.
Your job is simple, you need to get from point A to point B, which means you need to escape from the Maze, you must try to part of which are not easy are obstacles, you must successfully evade them in order to get to the exit of Maze, avoid walls by any cost, if you touch touch them then it’s game over for you, you have to avoid obstacles like a pro, get it on a lot of mistakes because this game is very difficult.
Use your mouse to guide your missile through the maze. To successfully avoid the walls you need to play very carefully, calmly and to be very persistent as to be prepared for a lot of mistakes and a lot of game over. Fans of maze game will love this game because it is very good, fun and exciting. If you are looking for a way to kill time and boredom by playing some quality maze game then you are in the right place because this Maze game is a great choice for you.Remember, the walls are your enemies, you only need to touch them and it’s game over for you, so play carefully and calmly and help the mouse! Prove that you have what is needed to win this Maze and reach finish and win the game and thus become a legend, because few people are able to win this incredibly difficult Maze game.
Use your mouse to play this maze.