DEXY Plays 179

Hannah Montana Wireless Quest


Welcome to Hannah Montana Wireless Quest!  Is it true that you are readied to bring an enterprise with Hannah Montana?  In the event that so then this is the right amusement for you!  Your errand is to discover Hannah’s journal, which is concealed some place in the school, take after the hints. Subtle Jackson concealed Miley’s journal some place in the school. Be that as it may, he’s left a trail of pieces of information to discover it.  Helped by Oliver and Lilly, Miley has 30 minutes to take after the pieces of information and discover the journal before class begins.  Hustle or the entire school will read her privileged insights!  Design, activity and snappy music out of sight will charm you. The amusement is intended for all age, particularly for young ladies and devotees of Hannah Montana.  We wish you good fortunes in discovering a journal and awesome fun playing this phenomenal amusement!
Use mouse to play.