DEXY Plays 199

Freedom Of Spell


Save your friends who are trapped because they used forbidden magic,
kill enemies using the sword and spell.
Long time ago wizards were using magic to heal the sick, feed
the hungry and repair the broken, more uses and new spells were being discovered daily.
fuelled by greed, ignorance and fear they banned the use of magic.
Labelling it witchcraft and blasphemy.
The use of magic was now illegal and anyone who used it was being hunted down!
You represent the oppression in a pro-magic resistance, movement to slowly emerge.
You can heal yourself by going to bed to sleep.
Collect gold and items, they will be in your inventory, learn new spell and dominate in the world of magic and spell!
Fantastic graphics, gameplay, animation and catchy music in the background will delight you.
The game is suitable for all ages, especially for fans of spelling games.
We wish you good luck and great adventure!

Use mouse to play.
Cast a spell by drawing its symbol before your mana
runs out.
Trace the magic energy spheres to cast the spell
(Hold mouse button)