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Fast Race


Welcome to Fast Track!
Are you ready to play the fastest game in the world?
If yes then you are at the right place because this game is just for you!
Each track have 5 checkpoints, so be fast in order to reach all of them in time.
Time gonna be added to clock at each checkpoint.
Race ends if you run out of time early so be fast.
You can retry each track unlimited times so don’t worry.
You can also go to do next track when you reach all the checkpoints in time, in either of first 3 positions.
You can get a base score for your mileage, at each checkpoint you score a bonus depending on your rank and
remaining time.
You can buy cars and upgrade them.
3D graphics, animation and sound effects of this fantastic racing game will blow your mind.
The game is suitable for all ages, especially for lovers of fast games.
We wish you great fun!

Use arrow keys to drive.