DEXY Plays 206

Evil Nights


You are a wizard and your task is to defend the village from the enemy.
To do this you need to use your spell, you can use 9 spells.
Fireball, this spell needs few mana and as it upgraded causes more damage.
Vampire Bat, this spell damages the enemy and increases your health.
Repair, use this spell to repair damaged houses.
Poison-ball, this spell creates a cloud of poison around the enemy causing damage.
Firewall, this spell will cause damage to every enemy that passes through it.
Heal, use this spell to heal crossbowmen and yourself.
Iceball, this spell freezes the enemy for a certain time causing it damage.
Lightning, this spell will cause great damage on enemies.
Teleportations, use this spell to move quickly in the city.
And don’t forget, you can upgrade each spell.
You can only visit your home at daytime.
enemies will attack only at night time, your task is to protect houses.
Demons will try to kill you and your crossbowman, so be careful.
Graphics, animation and catchy music in the background will blow your mind.
The game is suitable for all ages, especially for fans of spelling games.
We wish you awesome adventure!

Use arrow keys to move.
Shoot up, down, left, right – W,A,S,D keys.
Select Space Ship – Enter