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Dreamfields Game


If you like building games in which there are all kinds of creatures like dragons then you will definitely like this game! In front of you is one of the very popular building games!
You are in a fantasy of a girl and your task is to expand, to plant, to harvest, to sell, to buy, to build, to decorate your fantasy and be better and bigger! With gold coins you can buy items in the store plant plants and much more. With the Lunar crystals you can do anything you want.

It’s hard to do all by yourself so you can call your old friends from the forest for a spoonful of jam they will gladly help you. Bears live in your dream and for a spoonful of jam will help you mine stones, chop trees and gather supplies! Bears are very good workers, but they also have a big sweet tooth, give them as much jame as you cans so the bears can work better. You can gain levels with experience, you can unlock some items and buildings when u reach the appropriate level.

For some constructions you will need a certain number of hammer, wood, paint and much much more of other items.For every mission you complete you will be rewarded with some coins or some other things.In the store you can buy all things, food and items like Raspberries, Rye, Onions, Blackberries, Grapes, Peas, cucumbers, tomatoes, and more. You can do a recipe of all things and create a specific thing. You can create living fantasy or a creatures like, Hamster, Dragon, Ram, Pony, Squirrel, Pig, Fox, Bat and much much more of this cool creatures.
In story you can also buy Plants, Productions, Buildings, Decorations, Fantasy creatures and more.

This game will appeal to everyone, especially children and fans of the world of fantasy! Aim of the game is to build, to expand, sell, buy, plant, harvest, create various creatures of fantasy and much much more. We wish you lots of fun and adventure in this fantastic building game!

Use mouse to play.