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Crush The Castle


About the Crush

Crush the castle is a game that requires from you to have good precision and that you have good reflexes. This is one of the most popular games that is resembling to angry birds game. If you love challenging games then you are in the right place because this is the right game for you. Play with your friends, create a best score and compete with each other.

How to Crush The Castles

Your task is to kill the king who is hiding in his castle. To kill the king and his servants you need to use your catapult, aim and release cannonballs in the direction of the castle, your goal is to demolish the castle and thus kill the king and his servants and knights, you need to be precise and to have patience. Keep in mind that you have the right to three attempts, if you fail in three attempts to kill the king you begin to level from the beginning. Every next level will be more complicated than the previous one so try hard and give your best.

What you also must to do

Your main task in this game is to crush the castle using your catapult but you must be precise because you have only 3 shoot so try to your every shoot to be hit and search for the weak spot on castles because latter in the game you will be forced to find the weak spot in order to destroy catapult. You have option to build your own castle if you are into building stuff. Play with your friend and compete with each other on who can faster and better destroy the castle.

  • Instructions:
  • Use mouse to play.

Conclusion for CTC game

If you like challenging games that require concentration and precision then this is the game for you. Destroy castles, kill the kings and become a true warrior in this exciting Crush the castle game!