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Crush The Castle 5


About Crush The Castle 5 Adventures

The best version of Crush The Castle game is in front of you! With improved graphics and animation you will enjoy twice as much in this challenging and exciting game. Register or log in as a guest the choice is yours. Crush The Castle Adventures game is an excellent choice of the game for you. You will have fun and in which you can test your shooting skills. This game requires accuracy and good reflexes from you. Give your best and crush the Castles!

The aim of the game is the same as in the previous parts, it is necessary to crush the castles using a catapult and kill the king and his servants in it in order to go to the next level. You need to be precise when you target the castle to give him the death blow to demolish the castle and kill your targets that are in it, keep in mind that you will have in some levels to use certain tactics in order to crush the castle and kill the king, which means you’ll have to to look for weak points and to be more precise. Make the best score, crush the castles and take out your targets!

How to play

Last and final part of this challenging Crush the Castle 5 game! Your task is the same, you need to crush the castle in kingdom using your catapult. Don’t forget before you shoot you need to aim and hit the weak spot at the castle in order to kill king and his knights. If you are come home bored from work or school then you are at the right place because this game will brighten your mood. Show how good you are with catapult and crush  the castle! We wish you good luck and even better fun in this last part of the game!

  • Instructions:
  • Use mouse to shoot.


In front of you is the best, highest quality, most entertaining and most exciting Crush The Castle game that will delight you and with whom you will have a good time playing. Play with your friends, compete with each other on who can quickly and efficient crash the castle and kill the king. Enjoy!