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Crush The Castle 4


About Crush the Castle 4

Another adventure, another battle, another war awaits you in this new part of Crush the castle 4 game. Crush the Castle 4 you can play for free and available to you 24/7 this game will infect you and delight you. If you prefer to fight with medieval weapons such as catapult, if you want to demolish the castle, kill the king, to capture different continents then this is the right game for you! If you come tired from work or school sets the following and you are looking for challenging game then you are at right place.

How to play

The aim of this game is simple, your task is to tear down the castle using a catapult which includes the targets that you must eliminate in order to move to the next level that will be more difficult and more complicated than the previous one, which means that you will at some point have to use a certain tactic to to eliminate your targets, so take a good look and try to find weak points in each castle to have it destroyed as quickly and efficiently and with as little cannonballs. At the beginning the stumps will be your ammo for your catapult but as you progress in the game you will be able to use stones and cannonballs.

More to know

Story continues in this challenging Crush the Castle 4 game! Rules are the same, you need to crush the castle in kingdom using your catapult. Before you shoot you need to aim and hit the weak spot at the castle in order to kill king and his knights. If you are come home bored from work or school then you are at the right place because this game will brighten your mood. Prove how good you are with catapult and crush  the castle! We wish you good luck and even better fun!

  • Controls:
  • Use mouse to aim and release. Use mouse to navigate.


If you’re a fan of games like angry birds and if you are fan of medieval times the age of kings and knights then this is just the game for you. Destroy the kingdoms and possess the castles for yourself! We wish you good luck and much fun in this Crush the Castle 4 game.