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Big Farm Good Game


Are you ready for the farming business? If you are then you are at right place because this is the right game for you! This game is completely free, without installing all it takes is a quick registration, you need to enter a username, a password and your email address and the adventure can begin! In front of you is one of the most popular and challenging famr online game, your task in this game is to make a big business out of your farm that is to make a big farm, in order to make a big farm you need to plant, to harvest, to build, to develop, to sell and to buy better and better food, seeds, animals, and again all the planting and building, and so on until farm become very large and prosperous farm.
At the beginning of the game girl farmer will explain you the most basic things, if you ever played this game then you can quickly fit if you are not then just listen to the girl who will assist you in the beginning to get you warmed up. You will receive missions accurate assignments after successfully solved the task you will be rewarded.For example, plant the wheat, harvest, put it in Windmill and wait to produce flour which then sell at the market, earned the couple can buy decorations for your farm, animals, seeds and much much more.
You can build Windmill, Field for seeds, Chicken coop, Pigsty, Cowshed, Simple house for your workers, Fancy house, Barn, Spacious Barn, Silo, Composter, Dog house, Water Tower, Workshop, Nursery and much much more. Some of these buildings will be able to build only when you unlock and you can unlocked them only when you reach the appropriate level.
Some buildings need time to build up so that when they built you can see and do something in the meantime on the farm.Prove that you are a real farmer, make a big farm, expand it, buy,plant, harvest, sell, upgrade improve your farm and make it to be the largest and most beautiful of all the farm! We wish you lots of fun and even more adventure in this amazing farm game!

Use mouse to play.