About the Chaos

Large selection of weapons, large selection of characters that you can unlock during the game, a large number of opponents and bosses, exciting and challenging arena full of various obstacles, explosions, and many other things gives you these exciting and popular shooting Chaos Faction Games! Fans of shooting and platformer games if you like good quality shooting games that have a soul and that provide excellent entertainment and good challenges in the game then you are at the right place! Try each of these fantastic games that are available to you 24/7, without any registration or installation you can play all Chaos Faction games at any place at any time. Play with your friends, compete with each other, go together in this adventure and beat opponents in every arena!

How make a Chaos

First, choose a character with whom you want to play, if the default control do not correspond to you can change them in the "settings" and set the controls that suit you. Select the arena you want to play and action can begin, your task is to defeat each opponent and boss who you find in the arena with you using different kinds of weapons and boosters which will from time to time fall from the sky in random area. Every weapon that you take will last a few seconds and then disappear so use them quickly and make the most of them wisely. Each Arena has obstacles that must be avoided while fighting with opponents because some obstacles may injure you and some can kill you so play carefully and watch where you jump. Chaos Faction games also offer 3 modes that you can play and they are a Campaign mode in which your mission is to complete all arenas, unlocks new characters and perform various challenges. In Deathmatch mode you can create your own arena and set your own rules that suits you and the last is Survival mode, in which your task is to survive the constant attacks of strong opponents and bosses. Good luck!

Conclusion for Chaos games

If you come home tired from work or from school and you looking to play some exciting and challenging shooting games where you can test your shooting skills, your reflexes and where you can face different challenges then you are in the right place because Chaos Faction games will give you real satisfaction during the game that you can share with your friends, play together and compete with each other. We wish you a lot of fun in Chaos Faction Games!