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Plazma Burst


About the Plazma Burst Game

Plazma Burst Game is shooting, platform game in which your mission is to kill all the enemies who get in your way. In front of you will be 16 challenging and exciting levels, each next level will be more difficult than the previous one and it’s up to you to do your best and test your shooting skills in the same time. If you love shooting games then this game is a great choice for you!

How to play Plazma Burst Game

First you need to enter your name in case you make new record so we can put you on the top of the leaderboard. Plazma burst game is easy to play, you target your enemy using your computer mouse making it easier for you to kill them, enemies will appear in every corner and your task is to aim on them and kill them as fast as possible, if you hit an enemy in the head they will immediately be eliminated so try to give enemies head-shoot and thus get a higher score. It is necessary to beat all 16 challenging and exciting levels in order to won the game, buy new stronger and deadlier weapons through the game. Excellent, exciting and challenges shooting platform game that will surely fulfil your day with fun. Without installation or registration and absolutely free and safe to play you can play this awesome shooting game. Choose between easy, medium or hard game modes. Kill every one of your opponents to finish the level. After you finish the level you can upgrade your guns and kill your enemies easily.

This game contains the scenes of violence, you can turn off blood and enjoy this awesome and realistic game.>/p>

  • Instructions:
  • Use W,A,S,D to move
  • Use Mouse to shoot