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Plazma Burst Forward To The Past


About the game

This is just another insane sequel in a row, try to use your previously earned skills.Try to aim your opponents in the head, because if you hit them in the head they are dead instantly, but if you shoot in their body parts they maybe have chance for surviving. Complete all levels to become the master of disaster.

How to play

16 levels, 16 challenges that await you in this exciting Plazma burst game! Your task is to eliminate all the enemies that you encounter on your way using a great variety of weapons that you have at your disposal and those that you can find on your journey. Avoid enemy bullets and use the shelter and explosive barrels that you can use to your advantage by shooting them when enemy is near them. Pay attention to your energy bar that will drop if enemy shot you. Collect all the items on your way. Test your skills in this awesome Plazma burst forward to the past game and make the highest score!


  • Use arrow keys or W,A,S,D to move
  • Use mouse to shoot
  • E-Use