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Plazma Burst 2 V 1.0


About the game

In front of you is second part of this fantastic shooting platformer game. Before starting the game choose a name for your soldiers then choose how you want your soldier to looks like, select the weight at which you want to play, hard, medium or easy. These Plazma Burst 2 game is old version of the game, version 1.23 but also very addictive, exciting and challenging. This game is absolutely free, with no registration or installation just start the game and go into action. If you are fan of quality platform shooting games then you are in the right place because this Plazma Burst 2 game will give you a real pleasure during the game and great fun.

How to play

As in the previous part of this challenging shooting games this Plazma Burst 2 game you can play in two modes that are offered to you, first is the Campaign and the second is the Multiplayer mode. In the campaign, your task is to perform various tasks that you will receive in each of a large number of missions. So each level will be special with a different mission for you to solve. Keep in mind that each next level will be also harder than the previous one, in a campaign you can advance, improve and upgrade your soldiers from time to time, buy him a variety of power armor, weapons and boosters that will help you a lot during the game.

The campaign aim is to complete mission, kill enemies that will be around you and avoid various types of obstacles. Multiplayer mode offers you the possibility to play with and against players from all around the world.


This game contains the scenes of violence, you can turn off blood and enjoy this awesome and realistic game. Probably, this is a best sequel game ever, graphic and guns are improved from the last part. But idea is the same, just type your name if you want to be the number one on our leaderboard. Kill all your opponents and try to move to the next and harder level.


  • You can use W,S,A,D or arrow keys to move your fighter.=
  • Use G to throw a grenade.=
  • Use mouse to aim and fire.=
  • Use Z for time warp and use number keys to change your weapon